Performance Club


Meridian Golf Club is pleased to introduce an innovative approach to golf instruction and efficient practice, The Meridian Performance Club. The unique, membership-based instruction model features access to:

- Unlimited golf instruction

- State-of-the-art technology

- A private outdoor practice tee

- Excellent short game facilities 

- 3 practice holes

- Playing opportunities with MPC teaching professionals


By joining the Meridian Performance Club you will not only understand your game better, improve your practice habits, and learn to take those abilities to the golf course, but you are also joining a group of golfers all working towards those common goals. 


Membership is limited. 

If you have additional questions, or wish to schedule a tour of MPC, please reach out to our Director of Instruction:


   Matt Frith, PGA Certified Professional (Teaching and Coaching)


Private Practice Tee


Indoor Simulator Bay

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